Chinese language course

China Translated also organises Chinese language courses for both companies and individuals. As a teacher, I have followed specific courses in China as well as in the Netherlands. I am registered in the Central Register of Short Vocational Education for the VAT exemption.

A suitable course for everyone

A suitable language course is available for every target group. Below you can read about some of the possibilities I can offer you to get to know the Chinese language and culture.

  • Company courses
    A tailor-made course for you in which both the time and content are completely tailored to your wishes. Company courses can take place in your company or place of residence if desired. These courses will be supported with cases from current practice. The home location for private lessons is Arnhem.
  • Standard group lessons
    These classes cover all aspects of the Chinese language (reading, speaking, writing). I make use of textbooks with accompanying interactive materials. You can also bring your own materials. A standard course consists of 10 lessons of which the last one can be an exam.
  • Primary schools/classes for the gifted
    Primary schools can contact me for a cultural week or a number of short lessons or enrichment classes for gifted children.
  • Chinese for travelling
    The anticipatory fun can begin even before you travel. In a number of lessons, you will learn the most common phrases and characters.


Individual lessons start from €30.00 per person per hour. Group lessons 2-4 persons €50.00 per hour. Other prices on request.

A small part of the Great Wall