Chinese translations

Are you looking for a sworn translator to translate texts? I can help you. I handle the Chinese translation of documents such as medical and technical documents, contracts, diplomas, passports and driving licenses for official bodies. After legalisation by the court, these are then ready for use by official bodies in the Netherlands or abroad.

Your partner for reliable translations

If you are looking for a reliable, expert translator, then you have come to the right place. I study your company, product or service and ensure an effective translation of your texts. Why should you choose China Translated as a partner for your Chinese translations?

  • Translations that have the right tone. It is not only important to convey the content grammatically correct, but also to strike the right chord with your target audience.
  • In order to become a sworn translator and, above all, to remain a translator, I regularly attend the required refresher courses. By continually investing in education and training, I keep abreast of trends and developments in the field of translation and my knowledge is always up to date.
  • I have extensive experience with the Chinese culture and the various aspects of doing business in and with China. By studying Oriental Languages and Communication in Maastricht, followed by training in Shanghai and Nanjing, I am able to bring your company, product or service to the attention of Chinese companies or business partners.

Sworn translations

I am registered in the Wbtv register under number 3545. This means that I may provide sworn translations. A sworn translation is only done by a sworn translator. The translator must be sworn by a Dutch court and registered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (called “Rbtv”). A sworn translation is required for official documents that have to be translated into another language on behalf of official bodies.

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